Traders, Distributors, Buyers, Sellers, Dealers, Brokers, Agents, Merchants

A person or entity who involves in buying and selling of goods, services and financial assets to gain profit is known as trader. A trader can also refer to merchant, buyer, seller, dealer, merchandiser, agent, vendor, distributor, supplier, retailer, stockist and wholesaler. There is no business without trader. Trader means everything to business. Trading involves in every part of our life. Every human plays a small role in trading.

Trading companies buy products; maintain stock and delivery products to retailers. Usually two kinds of businesses are widely involved in imports or wholesales. Traders work in large geographical areas and their customers work in small areas, shops and small neighborhoods. Today traders refer to mainly global b2b traders who operate with strong logistics. Technical developments help traders to make changes in their business model, move faster in distribution, modern marketing and online promotional activities.

Traders now become easily accessible through internet. Technological developments make trading more secured and fast. Products can be bought and sold between nations easily through global b2b portals like Importing and Exporting becomes easier through b2b portals.